Your Testimonials


"The Microsoft/Motivate story is one of unparalleled success. 5 years working in our business. Every single year brought better performances, greater internal opportunities, extraordinary internal MS poll results that remained the highest in the organisation. Individuals flourished, teams beat expectations, the experience was outstanding in a very sense. 3 winner subsidiary awards in consecutive years, green audits, brilliant profit/turnover and an unbelievable culture change. A remarkable piece of work for Microsoft across Turkey. Trustworthy, Jedi skilful. Toby's programmes always improved what we did and took us higher than we thought possible."

Cisco Systems

"Toby Foxcroft and Motivate International worked with me and my team directly. TF was my executive coach. I won the award for best MD in the world throughout Cisco Systems and we won the best team award. Motivate International were fantastic. We could not have achieved what we did without them. They are integral, confidential and work tirelessly to help us succeed."

Bank of America

"I hired Toby and Motivate International at an extraordinarily difficult time in our bank's history. Highly paid, contentious, direct and arrogant behaviours from my team were dealt with through immense skill, detachment, guile and not pandering to the aggression and cynicism. Eye opening real stories that shook parts of my team to their core. He won the day. Received very positive feedback from some of the toughest in my team and an overall result for 90%. As a leader I was able to watch behaviours change or get stuck. It enabled me to make difficult decisions accurately. Respect."


"I moved from Microsoft to Adidas as HR executive leadership team member. I brought Toby and Motivate International with me. They applied their consultancy arm and the Play To Win programme to every employee across MEA. The experience was what I had expected. Mind blowing!"

Tata Steel

"Toby worked his magic with a team that previously struggled to unlock their differences, inertia and old patterns. We needed to agree a new way forward with ideas that worked and a new culture within the team to expedite the ideas. Toby was tough and direct at times. He is a consultant who does not shy away from very tough tasks."

Taylor Wimpey

"Toby's presentation on Personal Leadership Effectiveness and Leadership Excellence was both practical and eye catching. I walked away with useable tools to gain immediate leverage and improvements in my style that not only improved the business and the team, but also my home life and the way I deal with my children. Top marks."


"I was part of a group who were identified as high flyers within the company. Motivate International turned our heads in the first hour and during the following 3 days they gave us much food for thought. The whole team gained new understanding and clarity through expert facilitation. Results and changed behaviours have been sustainable. Motivate's influence is immediate, memorable and far reaching."

Thistle Hotels

"We didn't know what to expect and some of us were cynical at first. But then Toby began the first minute of the next 72 hours. We really knew this course was going to be something that challenged us. The results were nothing short of incredible. I recommend this to any business working through transformation and change or simply want to learn more and improve performances."


"We possess a very real, distinct and successful culture in our company. Toby's acknowledgement to work with this and add cream to the topping was enjoyable and interesting. Applied leadership with relevant, entertaining stories gave real meaning to the day. We all gained real improvement areas, what and how, from the day."

HM Treasury

"I enjoyed Toby's session immensely. For me, it was the confirmation of something that I already knew about myself (but was in denial...) that I've become rusty in embracing change and challenge. He did it in such a simple and concise manner that was strangely motivational. It was like being nourished after a long time in the desert. A timely reminder to challenge one-self and not expect the organisation to provide the challenge. It provides a very good jolt!"

John Lewis

"Motivate International have been working with our people for 3 years in which we have moved from strength to strength in an external climate that most companies found daunting. Particularly retail. Great programmes, great people, great positive difference with results to help our staff, our customers and the bottom line."

You received the highest scored feedback from your sessions on leadership, culture and motivation. You ticked all the 5 star boxes!

-Henley Management College