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Welcome to Motivate International, the home of culture change for business.

If you want to improve the performance of your business, then get curious and seriously consider culture change with the experts. Culture change is essential in the battle for business, trophies and playing to win, to gain the edge and drive competitive advantage. Motivate International have been implementing creative, impactful culture change interventions to help develop companies and teams for over 20 years. Culture refinement, activity, change and invention are as paramount as your strategy. Proven ROI. Skilful, unique, experienced consultants who make a huge difference to your business life and results.

This is the place to come where culture change is fun, creative, explosive, robust and brings out the very best in your people. The process of improving or refining business performance through culture change is both rewarding and impactful. It delivers important competitive advantage, that if done properly, will propel your business above the competition. Companies and teams from start-ups, SMBS, to some of the largest organisations in the world, instruct Motivate International because they recognise our ability to deliver in this space.

Our service has been used by insightful, ambitious and intelligent clients all over the world. We create cultures tailored to help you find the optimum potential for a situation, a team, a product, business or indeed a person. Motivate International adds positive movement, value, gold dust to your organisation, including proven ROI. Our work is robust, experienced, highly researched and focussed on your business. We have never been accused of being boring and our learning programmes represent the very best of teaching. A formidable curriculum, practical, focussed, intensive adrenaline shots, with sustainable substance, that bring immediate affects back into your day to day business. Teaching with intent to improve leadership and performance. Perhaps you would simply like a culture health check, or a Motivate International consultant to work with you, or access some of our learning programmes, team building or investigate a meaningful culture change for performance.

Motivate International was founded by Toby Foxcroft.

Our Programmes

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Culture Change

This programme will help set your culture for sustainable pitch-perfect performance.

Play To Win

Instruction on playing to win rather than the avoidance game of playing not to lose.


This programme makes practical sense of effective and applied leadership.


One to one sessions to unlock brilliance and outstanding results from your executives.


Learn the art of never boring your audience. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable.

Team Building

Bringing your people together for the greater good of the team and organisation.


How is motivation truly incorporated to making a difference in today's business?

Coaching Excellence

The greatest athletes have coaches. Develop great results through coaching.

Jump In

A 9 module leadership skills training programme for your best people.

Our Clients

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Motivate came into our organisation to help develop sales and improve profits. They acted as consultants with a keen eye on reducing waste in the business, finding new ways to inspire our people. Our bottom line was transformed by their expertise.

-Thomson Learning