Culture Change

What's Involved?

Cultural transformation will not happen for you in a straight line or overnight. It takes some persistence. Even when it's set and has a life of its own, it's as well to keep an eye on it, refine and challenge it… so be prepared for the journey and do so with the knowledge that the rewards are immense and totally worth it. Motivate International prove time and again that we are up there with the very best at helping you optimise your culture for the good of your business. Talk to us and see if our company is a good fit to help you with yours.

The successful execution of a strategy goes hand in hand with culture. The sentiment being that culture generation is essential and particularly poignant in today's business world.

Creating a great culture fit for your business is not an exact science. It takes experience, expertise and a special type of edge to make it work with potency. We design a three day 'discovery phase' of your business from which plans are agreed to create ideas of how best to hone and create a culture that best represents where you're business sits on the Growth Curve, the external and internal environment, your strategy, your history and your people.

3-Day Discovery Phase

Toby Foxcroft visits your business for 3 Days. He meets key people, looks at the vision, mission, strategy and goals, whilst measuring your business on the Motivate Growth Curve. Discussions with the leadership team, the CEO and a general feel for the rest of the business are imperative. A 'Culture Change Health Check' is presented to the CEO.

The culture you create will be the determining factor for your success and it requires constant refinement.

-Toby Foxcroft