Jump In

What's Involved?

The Jump In programme comprises of 9 separate workshops.


Do you want a training program that makes a difference right from the 'get go'? Do you want to be capable to drive change and maximise your opportunities? Businesses need very capable leadership. Women and men who have the emotional intelligence, courage and skill across the business to make a difference, with the curiosity to learn and grow as leaders are what is needed.

We live and eat Leadership. Our programmes make a striking and immediate difference. We've been at the leading edge of leadership for almost two decades. Never before has business required leadership based on ability and action as opposed to titles. Easy, accessible, professional workshops that make an overwhelming difference.

We quietly and deliberately, sit, reflect, research, discuss, read, practice, design and create. Through our experience in the top corporations in the World and the test of time, we deliver extraordinary workshops for you and your company's growth. You are industry experts, we are leadership experts. Behaviours linked directly to your vision & strategy, your window of opportunity optimised by your people.

Our clients are usually at the leading edge, working everyday for improved results in their discipline. We understand the reality, the day to day, the challenges, influencers, people dynamics, politics, motivational issues, line reporting, matrix management as well as your competition. We understand how to make the difference. To garner change and improve results quickly. We use our decades of experience to make very real assessments of where you are today with measured, positive and palpable differences for you to drive future success against the competition. Leadership is key and without it, in key ares of your organisation, you will undoubtedly be underperforming!

You will discover and witness, from the 'get go' immediate and progressive improvements from attending this programme.

Jump In! Up the level of your game.

Our goal and our job is to involve you in Leadership learning to help you become the best you can be. This programme is designed to be fast learning. 2 day, 9 module workshops over 9 months. Easy to afford, easy to participate and attend. You can buy any number of workshops from 1-9 or complete the whole programme for improved and comprehensive leadership capabilities.

Your position and skills in business can be replaced easily - unless you've learned well, the skills of Leadership.

The programmes are held in UK, Europe, USA, China and Middle East.

Jump In!

Personal Leadership Effectiveness

From the 'Get-Go' - you will witness the difference!

Supercharge your focus, resilience and personal drive with two explosive and insightful days. Designed to access your mind, body and soul, enabling you to take charge of your attitude, outlook and ability to perform. This workshop is a Supercharger!

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Day 1 - Start: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start: 8.00am; Winners tape 4.30pm

Powerful micro-learning featuring exclusive insights, tips and techniques. Toby's own experiences working with the best can be used to help transform your own results. Feel confident using the tools and more importantly become adept to use for your own success.

Toby Foxcroft has worked with international sports stars, coaches, neuroscientists and performance experts, as well as top business leaders. He will share many of his tried and tested methods to raise your own sense of awareness, in order for you to build your winning game!


As a leader of people, what is the biggest challenge you face? What happens if you do nothing?

You can 'up' your skills considerably, take advantage of a programme designed to notably improve you as a leader in just 48 hours. It will require you to fully focus. It will require your 100% attention. It will require you to Jump-In. This is singularly one of the best things you can ever do!

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Day 1 - Start: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start: 8.00am; Winners tape 4.30pm

The essence of leadership is having people follow you. Simplicity. However, it is often shrouded in mystery and complexities when it doesn't need to be. A refreshing look at leadership through the eyes of experienced trainers, for real time immediate results. Recognise your leadership style and how to optimise yourself for leadership positions.

Assisting your self-awareness. Identifying areas where you can make improvements and discuss easy solutions and tools to unlock potential and performance. How often do I hear subordinates talk badly about their managers, bosses or leaders? How often are they demotivated, when a few easy tips from their leader or manager would be enough to noticeably improve things. What affect do managers and leaders have on their workers and why?

You will never regret giving just 48 hours to learn to lead.

Play To Win

Probably one of the greatest workshops you'll ever attend.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Day 1 - Start: 7.30am; Rest: 10.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start: 8.00am; Winners tape 4.30pm

You and your colleagues will be taken out of your comfort zone with good reason; to help you learn to Play To Win. This workshop will pull at all your positive and negative thoughts. Endemically linked to your behaviours and ultimately your results, this is where you develop the key ingredients and core areas to flourish.

You will gain new awareness levels, improved emotional intelligence, turning mistakes into opportunities, creating a refined way of looking at life and a Results Model that gives you exactly what you want.

Earn yourself a new competitive dimension by learning how to Play To Win versus resisting the human default button to Play Not To Lose. Learn them, live them, eat and breathe them! This workshop has the power to change people's lives!

Team Building

  • What is it truly like to be part of a high performing team?
  • What am I missing, how do I become the right person to lead the team?
  • What factors are required?
  • How do I lead difficult but brilliant people?
  • How can my team outstrip every other by being the best?

To build the team as a leader and get the best from your people takes guts, a mutual understanding and the special perspective of watching and learning. During your time on the programme you will develop your leadership skills. Two days specialising in defining what you need to do to team build, using your own authenticity as a leader and how to encourage others to deliver with 100%.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Day 1 - Start: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start: 8.00am;
  • Winners tape 4.30pm

This programme will increase your expectation about what great teams can achieve. At the same time, this programme will show and help you to do it!


As a leader, at some point you are going to have to be a motivating influence. That does not mean 'rah rah empty, loud, fake messages to the beat of the latest pop song. Learning what works and what doesn't, how to know when and what tools to use, as well as to motivate, find, win and keep your people and customers. The skill of using Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation linked to all the messages you send to your workforce.

Of course part of corporate allegiance and motivation is built on the grounds of extrinsic motivation - but what stands the test of time is the Intrinsic. Learn the balance and the rudiments of each one, in order that your people don't work in dull, regressive, cynical cultures and rather more, maximise the workplace to genuinely be a place you 'want to be' as opposed to 'have to be'.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Day 1 - Start gun: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start gun: 8.00am; Winners tape 4.30pm

You will gain sharp insights into motivating people on this programme. Our data and research on helping a person or a team become more motivated is refreshing and poignant. You will finish this workshop knowing exactly what you have to do, in order to gain a fully motivated workforce, accountable and responsible beyond the measurable.


How many poor business presentations or media interviews have you attended? Too many I should wonder!

  • Wasted opportunity comes with poor presenting skills.
  • Competitive companies deliver the same old, same old!
  • Learn the art of never being that person boring your audience.
  • Learn to deliver by taking on the responsibility and not just trying to get by!
  • Learn the skills to improve, enjoy and feel confident about your presentation.
  • Deliver the memorable and you'll win more business.
  • It's a privileged opportunity that deserves attention.

Many CEO's who I've worked with over the years, have been woeful at presenting to an audience. However, because of their title and position, they believed they were good because their employees stand and applaud. Of course they do! These very CEO's changed the game and became affective through learning the art of presenting.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Day 1 - Start gun: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start gun: 8.00am; Winners tape 4.30pm

TED talk if you want, but let's go a bit deeper. How you stand and speak is critical, so is how you write and craft your speech. Use all your attributes to deliver memorable presentations that make their mark on myriad audiences no matter the size or make-up. It's possible. it works. It will add value in every direction.


AI is here. It is changing the landscape to life and work. If you are a vendor, sales team or end user, our coaching programmes are designed specifically to drastically speed up your adoption to this new environment.

For example, the methodology must improve emotional awareness. It is the cornerstone to having an inquisitive, learning culture. One that helps people grow. Perhaps a sales person or team who adopt the art of coaching to sell their product; or an end user, to assist their people in adapting to a new way of doing things. At Motivate we speed up this process, so that your people are quickly confident at improvising, adapting a new approach, improving performance and understanding - a new way of seeing things.

The greatest athletes have their coaches! You develop great results through great coaching.

  • What is it you want to achieve through learning to coach properly?
  • What personal resistance do you have, if any, to learning to be a coach or to be a better coach?
  • Have you experienced the benefits of real coaching? It's a rare skill when done properly.
  • What is there to lose by learning and trying something new?
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Day 1 - Start gun: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start gun: 8.00am; Rest: 6.30pm
  • Day 3 – Start gun: 8.00am: Winners tape 1.30pm

We have been developing players and coaches in sport and business for decades. We've worked with some of the World's greatest coaches as well as players and executives. We have a unique, tried and tested methodology of developing a coaching culture into your business.

An extraordinary two days of learning and practicing skills that will lift your game and in turn, give you powerful, new behaviours.


In order to properly understand the art of negotiation, you have to understand the people involved in the negotiation. Here you will be given models to help you navigate seamlessly through any negotiation successfully. 'Practice makes permanent" is our mantra and this is exactly what we set up for you.

Negotiating is a wonderful game that you can control. Come test your strengths for two days of negotiating skills. You'll come out of the workshop with a well planned and practiced approach that will give you more of what you want. You'll be able to negotiate with the best of them but learn the 5 key areas where you must focus in order to win.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Day 1 - Start gun: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start gun: 8.00am;
  • Winners tape 4.30pm

The Motivate Negotiating model will help you to win negotiations at the highest level.

Sharpen Your Mind

The cutting-edge ninth discipline. Learn the discipline that completes you. You've been through a Leadership programme that improves who you are! You've been attentive, responsive with your energy and values in tact. Now make it through the tape, take the bell and learn the final art in the Leadership challenge.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Day 1 - Start gun: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start gun: 8.00am;
  • Winners tape 4.30pm

Through the last 20 yrs I've been working with execs and athletes all over the world. There is a mutual cross-over of knowledge that is definitely relevant to high performance. During these final 2 days of the program you will learn and complete the magical 'Jump-In' discipline to complete your knowledge and behavioural attributes. With this nine module programme in your locker, you'll knock the stuffing out of the competition.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: The last of the human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.

-Viktor Frankl