Managing businesses is so much about managing people, and that's about genuinely engaging Hearts and Minds. All your assets and value running a business with a good core and a good culture is vital. Some of your people will have super high salary's, some will be on a minimum wage with everything in between. People's lives are very different and so it will come down to how well you engage them. How do you make each and every one feel valued, so that Everyone is doing everything within their skill set to make the business a success.

When people feel respect, motivation and their hearts and minds are engaged, they will run the extra mile for you.

Many of our clientele include CEO's, MD's, Execs and Manager's who would like some experienced knowledge and guidance to help them land everything they've been employed to do. Toby Foxcroft has so much experience dealing with media, PR, employees, politics and a myriad of situations. His knowledge and manner is punchy but sensitive to the needs of your business and situation.

Executive Coaching

Perfectly poised to assist you in your work situation, Motivate International have the very best executive coaches.

Following an hour of consultation with Toby Foxcroft, you will be appropriated the executive coach to best suit your needs. Someone who will partner you on your journey to ensuring you meet the rigours of your situation and the optimization of your potential.

Life Coaching

Over the past decade, Life Coaching has become a phenomenon. Motivate International have recognized that the barrier to market entry is quite low. Many people finding that the life coach has a qualification but not much else.

As one of the most trusted companies in the world to industry and successful sports and business people, we decided to host a stable of Life Coaches for you to choose from. Life Coaches who we personally respect and know and based on the results that they achieve for our clients and customers.

It is my firm belief that the best way to fix the world is to fix yourself.

-J. Peterson