What's Involved?

As a leader, at some point you are going to have to be a motivating influence. That does not mean 'rah rah empty, loud, fake messages to the beat of the latest pop song. Learning what works and what doesn't, how to know when and what tools to use, as well as to motivate, find, win and keep your people and customers. The skill of using Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation linked to all the messages you send to your workforce.

Of course part of corporate allegiance and motivation is built on the grounds of extrinsic motivation - but what stands the test of time is the Intrinsic. Learn the balance and the rudiments of each one, in order that your people don't work in dull, regressive, cynical cultures and rather more, maximise the workplace to genuinely be a place you 'want to be' as opposed to 'have to be'.

Duration: 2 Days

  • Day 1 - Start gun: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start gun: 8.00am; Winners tape 4.30pm

You will gain sharp insights into motivating people on this programme. Our data and research on helping a person or a team become more motivated is refreshing and poignant. You will finish this workshop knowing exactly what you have to do, in order to gain a fully motivated workforce, accountable and responsible beyond the measurable.

Humans hate to be judged but love to judge.
Cynicism is a choice but it doesn't work.

-Toby Foxcroft