Play To Win

What's Involved?

Probably one of the greatest workshops you'll ever attend.

You and your colleagues will be taken out of your comfort zone with good reason; to help you learn to Play To Win. This workshop will pull at all your positive and negative thoughts. Endemically linked to your behaviours and ultimately your results, this is where you develop the key ingredients and core areas to flourish.

You will gain new awareness levels, improved emotional intelligence, turning mistakes into opportunities, creating a refined way of looking at life and a Results Model that gives you exactly what you want.

Earn yourself a new competitive dimension by learning how to Play To Win versus resisting the human default button to Play Not To Lose. Learn them, live them, eat and breathe them!

Duration: 2 Days

  • Day 1 - Start gun: 7.30am / Rest: 10.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start gun: 8.00am
  • Winners tape 4.30pm

This workshop has the power to change people's lives!

Find the bridges and transcend.

-Elif Shafak