Presenting Skills

What's Involved?

How many poor business presentations or media interviews have you attended? Too many I should wonder!

  • Wasted opportunity comes with poor presenting skills.
  • Competitive companies deliver the same old, same old!
  • Learn the art of never being that person boring your audience.
  • Learn to deliver by taking on the responsibility and not just trying to get by!
  • Learn the skills to improve, enjoy and feel confident about your presentation.
  • Deliver the memorable and you'll win more business.
  • It's a privileged opportunity that deserves attention.

Many CEO's who I've worked with over the years, have been woeful at presenting to an audience. However, because of their title and position, they believed they were good because their employees stand and applaud. Of course they do! These very CEO's changed the game and became affective through learning the art of presenting.

Duration: 2 Days

  • Day 1 - Start gun: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start gun: 8.00am; Winners tape 4.30pm

TED talk if you want, but let's go a bit deeper. How you stand and speak is critical, so is how you write and craft your speech. Use all your attributes to deliver memorable presentations that make their mark on myriad audiences no matter the size or make-up. It's possible. It works. It will add value in every direction.

Stories are a promise to the reader that the end is worth waiting for.

-Toby Foxcroft