Team Building

What's Involved?

  • What is it truly like to be part of a high performing team?
  • What am I missing, how do I become the right person to lead the team?
  • What factors are required?
  • How do I lead difficult but brilliant people?
  • How can my team outstrip every other by being the best?

To build the team as a leader and get the best from your people takes guts, a mutual understanding and the special perspective of watching and learning. During your time on the programme you will develop your leadership skills. Two days specialising in defining what you need to do to team build, using your own authenticity as a leader and how to encourage others to deliver with 100%.

Duration: 2 Days

  • Day 1 - Start: 8.30am; Rest: 7.00pm
  • Day 2 - Start: 8.00am;
  • Winners tape 4.30pm

This programme will increase your expectation about what great teams can achieve. At the same time, this programme will show and help you to do it!

Everything is connected.

-Daniel Barenboim